Job vacancy 1:

Employer: Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Job title: Trainee Clinical Fatigue Therapist

Chronic Fatigue Treatment Service
Ref: 2570

For informal enquiries please contact Pauline Powell or Fran Morgan, Senior Therapists

Closing date: 31st January 2005

"The service has a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) that provides a unique treatment which involves explanation of symptoms, self-managed graded exercise, psychological support and motivation to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Improvements in health are achieved and results are monitored."


1. Psychological treatment involves delivering a highly complex understanding of the psychological, physiological and social factors of CFS to everely disabled, fatigued patients and relatives, in order to change perpetuating illness behaviour and motivate patients to perform a self-managed activity programme, regulate disturbed sleep patterns and modify predisposing personality style.

2. Clients with CFS, because of their chronically fatigued state, experience barriers to understanding. For some clients there can be significant barriers to accepting the changes needed in behaviour, which have to be overcome in therapy in order to facilitate a successful outcome.

3. The post holder can be required to work frequently in an emotive and demanding environment with exposure to distressing problems and must maintain a high degree of professionalism at all times.

4. Requires intense concentration and prolonged periods of sitting whilst assessing and providing psychological therapy for clients with CFS. Individual treatment sessions are up to 2 hours long, twice weekly group sessions are 3 hours in length, and frequent counselling phone call sessions are up to one hour long.

5. As some clients with CFS may be resistant to working in a psychological framework there may be exposure to verbal aggression.

6. Clients are frequently seen on a one to one basis without other staff immediately nearby."