Denigration and Abuse -

The Legacy of a Career exploiting "CFS/ME"

Stephen Ralph

10th October 2009

As you read this I have a fairly shrewd idea that Professor Simon Wessely will be urgently and quite possibly desperately finding a way to independently "verify" or even rig some "research" projects to try and desperately hold on to the Empire he has built on sands that have now well and truly shifted after 20 long and painfully suffered years as far as his patients or rather his victims are concerned..

I should think that Wessely, Sharpe, White et al will all try desperately to discredit this new XMRV research because there is so much at stake and mainly BIG money and contracts with Governments and insurance companies such as PRISMA Health or UNUM Provident.

We should be placing bets on how long it will now take Wessely et al to admit defeat and withdraw but with the full weight of the history of Wessely, my reckoning is that he will cling on with the aid of the Department of Health and NICE and the MRC for as long as is feasibly possible.

As long as Wesely and his colleagues remain "cling-on's", patients will go on suffering.

In the end though, these discreditable doctors will be pulled kicking and screaming from their soon to be irrelevant involvement in the treatment of people with CFS and also Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

After the news reports of yesterday, ME and CFS are now gaining the same formal respectability as other equally debilitating auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or HIV AIDS or Multiple Sclerosis and this is not just with the media because the public are now realising the truth as well.

As just a small example of how things are starting to change, the NHS Choices web site published an article on the XMRV Study and you can see it here...

For a long time now, the NHS web sites have been filing items on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis under the section on Mental Health but after several of us lobbied the web site to point out the fact that ME has been classified under Neurology in ICD-10 for years at section G93.3 - something that we have done before without success - the NHS Choices web site actually changed the categorisation from Mental Health to Neurology.

Yesterday Professor Wessely was quoted in an interview for the New Scientist who highlighted the new XMRV retrovirus study .


Wessely points out, however, that XMRV fails to account for the wide variety of other factors associated with the CFS, including childhood trauma and other infections such as viral meningitis. "Any model that is going to be satisfactory has to explain everything, not just little bits," he says.


What a bloody nerve - hundreds of people shouted back!!!!

Professor Wessely - everyone knows that your isolationist world view of what you call "the chronic fatigue syndrome" is so full of holes and failures of explanation and flawed theories from pseudo-science and rigged incestuously peer reviewed "research" that it is quite amazing that you have had such an influential voice for so long.

Well - the whole situation has now changed for you Professor Wessely.

People don't need to listen to you anymore because real scientists of genuine competence and respect have found solid and highly pertinent scientific retro viral evidence that cannot be dismissed. Not only this but this research is linked with cancer so this in turn opens up the area of co-funded research and for the first time, substantial amounts of money will now be spent on proper biomedical research - research that you have prevented from happening for decades.

And because of your catalogue of ideologically skewed swiss cheese research, your claims and theories about what you refer to as "the chronic fatigue syndrome" are now going to be progressively disassembled and discredited - month after month.

I can just picture you running around trying to put your fingers over each of the holes as they appear with increasing frequency but the leaks are only going to get worse for you and you'll now be on the defensive in interview after interview.

Inevitably, research funding will change its direction and you will start losing all that lovely money that you and your colleagues have used to churn out one flawed study after another to the tune of "one flawed study supporting another".

I understand that GlaxoSmithKlein are already showing an interest in how they can help.

This again will bring monies to the table but not for you - instead it'll be for XMRV related Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Now the writing is on the wall for you Professor Wessely, your colleagues will suffer as well.

Your grubby brand of Somatoform Hysteria is now going to look very much a 20th Century failure for your profession.

You never knew the patient population out there. You only knew a fraction that fitted your catch-all criteria.

You and your colleagues have made sweeping statements about anyone unfortunate enough to be diagnosed as having CFS or ME - nevermind if they were correctly diagnosed or not and you've never seen most of those patients you have denigrated and insulted - year in year out.

If anything - you and your cronies have only added to our suffering and I have no doubt that your views and the actions that have come from your views have caused many to commit suicide because of your rudeness and blind arrogance and ignorance of issues you know nothing about.

How many CBT Fatigue Clinics are failing due to their bloated expense and the corresponding lack of results? So Many.

How many of these clinics are closing.. more and more are.

Why bother wasting your money on what amounts to hot air. CBT is after all just carefully constructed hot air and extremely expensive at that.

Instead, why not follow compelling evidence that has a real chance of providing directly relevant treatments for a fully recognised biomedical

We always stated that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis had the same biomedical basis as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and other formally
recognised auto-immune diseases including HIV and AIDS.

We were right Professor Wessely - We were right.

And as ever, you Professor Wessely - you and your cronies who take luxury Cook Island holidays dressed up as conferences to plot your next moves on patient persecution and denigration - or even plans to brainwash children by visiting schools to spread the word - you were all fundamentally wrong and you are all now going to become an irrelevance.

Your decades of collectively denigrating the suffering of very sick and disabled patients will now come back and bite you well and truly.

Your arrogance made us sick.

Your patronising verbiage and nonchalance on your lucrative TV appearances only made you look even more pathetic.

Half the time you couldn't even both to have a shave or to look smart and respectful.

Your last TV spot saw you slouched in a chair, unshaven, no tie and as ever being patronising to the person interviewing you.

I know that there are many thousands of patients around the world who now hope that your career and those of your clique crash and burn in flames.

I know that many of us here who have campaigned over many years diligently presenting the facts that you always ignore like the Kings New Clothes can only think of insults when we hear the name of Wessely or Sharpe or Peter White or the others in your like minded Cabal.

What a legacy for a career that amounted to denigration, abuse and exploitation.

I hope the General Medical Council deals with you all in the fullness of time.


Stephen Ralph DCR(D) Retired.


From today's Independent leader comment..


Scientists could be on the brink of a breakthrough. We must hope that they are. That would - at least - go some way to compensating for the shameful
manner in which sufferers were treated for so long by the medical profession.