From: "ellengoudsmit"
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 13:31:09 -0000
Subject: [ResAct] Re: Statement about unfounded allegations made
about Professor Hooper

In, "connie" <connie.nelson@n...> wrote:
Statement about unfounded allegations made about Professor Hooper

For the avoidance of doubt, Professor Hooper and his associates
wish it to be publicly known that, contrary to the unfounded
allegations made on Co-Cure by Miss Ellen Goudsmit PhD (Co-cure:
Villification and scapegoats, 6 November 2004), neither he nor they
have "on several occasions written untruths" about anyone.

Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?

I'd love to see the documentation which proves some of his famous
allegations. Anyone can say they have documentation. But will they
stand up in court, I wonder?

Dr. Shepherd has written to Co-Cure and elsewhere to comment on
allegations and I note with interest the memory lapse down in
Sunderland and Gloucestershire.

I'm sure Mr. Hooper PhD, since we are dispensing with certain
courtesies, doesn't need reminding of the documentation he saw and
may not wish me to reproduce them again for us all to peruse in
detail. Anyway, I doubt anyone is interested.

Healthwatch has also written to Co-Cure denying allegations. How
they forget! Remind me of certain psychiatrists who keep forgetting
things when convenient.

Mr. Hooper and his associates are so ignorant that they don't know
that I was a member (now affiliate since the change at their end) of
the MJA. That is the Medical Journalists Association. They have a
register and I'm on it. I beleive that Horton got my name from there
when he commissioned me to wrote for the Lancet. For which I was
paid. They obviously did not read publications like Pulse, for whom
I did articles on post natal depression. For payment. Standard
journalist rates. Before that, I worked for DLF radio. At least a
year. As a medical journalist (paid!). I wrote medical articles for
VIVA, e.g. writing the first article on bulimia, and I could go on.

I have never hidden the fact that whilst editor of InterAction, I
used pseudonyms, including Kate Gardner. This is no secret. And it
doesn't invalidate my arguments.

You can work without getting paid. I specialise in ME, was an
invited member of the Melvin Ramsay Society until they invited
Wessely. This is a closed organisation for ME specialists. I was also
a profesional memeber of the AACFS, until they wetn political. And I
worked vuluntarily in a ME clinic for a time. Williams knows that so
if she wrote this, she is lying. Nice!

And I suggest Mr. Hooper starts checking his facts. Unlike others, I
have the money to sue for libel. He's come close. any more rubbish,
and we'll discuss all of his claims in court.

Then at least, we can see those documents. And Healthwatch can
clarify again exactly who is in bed with who. I'm sure Duncan
Campbell can be relied upon to articulate exactly how the
organisation helped us with the likes of Nixon.

If I see you in court, mr. Hooper, I trust you can cope with stress
as well as I can. And in court, everyone can learn exactly
what 'Margaret's' qualifications are. Hope you've kept up yor psych