Hi Everyone

Firstly, I am delighted to step into Trev's shoes as Organiser of
The M.E. People's Day Rally 2006 and invite you all to support
the 12 May Rally.   In particular, the Petition that is being

*   The Petition: attached is entitled "The M.E. People's
Day - 12 May 2006
- Official Launch of: PETITION for
     Science & Research Based Healthcare Policy for M.E."
    There are a number of ways in which you can support
    the event and or Petition in the run up to 12 May, on
    12 May and following 12 May - right up until
    3 December 2006, by:

    *  Distributing the Petition widely and although page
       12 may be considered by some as "too-lengthy."
       It covers virtually every aspect of Myalgic
       Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) that most M.E. related
       internet boards are buzzing with.

   *  The PETITION requires to be circulated in its
       entirety for members of the public to be informed
       of the plight of those affected by M.E. in the
       UK.   Every bullet point and fact included,
       echos the experience of many people affected
       by M.E. and that of their carers.

  *  Please ask GPs, professors, teachers, solicitors,
      accountants, nurses, carers, friends, colleagues,
      family members, students and anyone else
      you can think of who will
      support the needs of people affected by
      M.E. as reflected in this Petition.

  *  The Petition can be included in its entirety
      in newsletters, websites, mailouts, handouts,
      email or fax distributions etc.

  *  All those who have taken part in past demo's
      are warmly welcome - so just forward
      your contact details, with any placard message.
      Any offers to lend a hand on the day or in
      the run up - will be greatly appreciated.

  *  Copies of the Petition for printing can be
      downloaded from the website: where the Petition
      can also be signed on-line.

  *  Trev is still in the background advising and
      no doubt, when he is ready, will hopefully
      join us again at Whitehall, even this year -
      Prison Suit and all!

   To launch The M.E. People's Day Petition
   calling "for Science & Research Based
   Healthcare Policy for M.E." "because we,
   as members of the M.E. Community believe
   that there should be a clear Biomedical-Science
   Based Healthcare Policy for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
   (M.E.) in the UK and Clinical Guidance that
    recognises the multi-system complexity and
   profound debilitating effects of M.E."

  * Delegates wishing to join and support
    the event and or Petition, are welcome
    to display their placards relating to the
    theme and can join us throughout the
    day (times shown as a guide.   Join us
    either in the morning or afternoon).
    Please forward your name and M.E.
    charity, organisation or group you
    would like to represent.

   *  The event is an opportunity for
       people to gather and support the
       needs of people with M.E. on the
       national basis, with an excellent opportunity
       to lobby MPs in what they need to
       know in order to take matters forward.

   *  Those wishing to attend and represent
       their M.E. charity, group, or attend as an
       individual, please forward your contact
       details and any placard message you
       may have to me, at your earliest

   *  Nearby public WC, food and refreshments
       are available although, you are welcome
       to bring food, folding chairs, scooters,
       wheelchairs and any 'creature-comforts'
       should you intend to stay the duration
       of the event.

   *  We particularly welcome delegates from
       the 'Invest In M.E. Conference' taking
       place just around the corner on the day,
       at Birdcage Walk, to come and support
       The M.E. People's Day Rally - even to
       say "Hello" and sign the Petition!   We
       will of course be supporting the
       conference and will endeavour to obtain
       permission to be outside the event with
       the Petition for signing.

  * Those wishing to attend the MP-Lobbying
     part of the event, will need to list their
     full contact details with me as organiser.
     You will also need to write to your MP
     as soon as possible, to enable your MP
     to meet you in the Lobby Room at the
     House of Commons, stating specifically,
     it is M.E. you wish to lobby on and
     any issues you would like raised.

   * 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM - meet for static
      Rally outside the Department of Health,
      Richmond House, Whitehall, London.

   *12.30 PM - Presentations to No.10 Downing
     Street, regarding the needs of people
     affected by M.E. letters from people with
     M.E., their carers, local surveys, petitions

  *Maximum of 6 presentations for this (excludes
    members of the media).

  * PRESENTATION GROUP: to No.10 Downing
    Street.   The 6 presenters will need to sumit
    their presentation and its title, your full
    name and contact address details to me, as
    organiser, at their earliest convenience, to
   then be forwarded to the relevant section.

  *1.00 PM - 1-15 PM - proceed to House of
    Commons to join Lobby Queue to Lobby MPs.
    Enter House of Commons.

I will endeavour to ensure the event is as successful
as it has been over the years as a tribute to Trev
and his sterling work and his fundraising ventures
for research in M.E. and look forward to seeing as
many of you there on the day!

Kind regards

Di Newman
Peterborough M.E. & CFS Self Help Group
(M.E.E.T- M.E. Empowerment Together)
PO Box 775, 42 Elizabeth Court
Peterborough PE1 4WZ
01733 552872
07742 615 952