Some XMRV Thoughts

Stephen Ralph

8th March 2010


In this country it seems that there is a desperate effort going on to rubbish XMRV and to bury any association XMRV could have with CFS and ME.
I'm sure there are more attacks on the way but isn't this such a stark contrast with what is happening in the USA.

Over here we've had two "quick and dirty" non-replication studies and another in the Netherlands all designed to generate negative media headlines.

Now we've seen the assault from the BMJ with numerous pieces all designed to bury XMRV including a hip and happening podcast for good measure.

And no doubt in the coming weeks we will see more attempts to bury an issue that simply cannot by its very nature be buried by anyone.

Over there in the USA and in Japan, XMRV is being taken seriously and work is going on to assess damage to the national blood supply and the general prevalence within the population.

So - over in the States and elsewhere the authorities are in total acceptance - Wessely's chief ally Bill Reeves has been shunted aside.

Meanwhile, in the UK everyone who has any power over an identical situation appears to be in total denial and also on an all out attack.

The fact is, XMRV is already in the UK and whatever Action for ME, Professor Wessely, the MRC, NICE or the DoH do to try and kill the story dead - giving XMRV the "Domestos Treatment" all they are in fact doing is delaying the inevitable.

History will surely show just how futile these efforts are and how plainly nasty the UK is.

They cannot prevent XMRV from gaining a UK passport. No amount of rigged research will wipe out XMRV.

No amount of attack articles in the medical journals or the media will stop the now inevitable.

No amount of negative "emphatic" spin from the ME Association will brainwash those who can find the actual facts elsewhere on the Internet.

All that will happen will be the prolonging of the suffering of sick and disabled patients.

20 years ago there was a successful attempt in the USA to bury research that could have made a fundamental change to the agenda we have all endured since then.

But that was then and this is now. Today the rather primitive method of attack and discredit simply isn't going to work.

Those engaged in trying to kill XMRV dead - you will fail and it is only a matter of time before you will all have to face the music.



N.B. For readers overseas we have a brand of bleach called "Domestos" and their strap line on their adverts used to be

"Kill's All Known Germs - Dead"